D-Prep Bangkok Prep School

Foundation is crucial in every aspect of life and education is not an exception. Nothing compares to having a solid start where the bricks of success are strategically laid. A prep school is not only supposed to prepare you to achieve the best in your academics, it is also supposed to fine-tune your mindset right from a tender age and groom you on how to become a responsible member of the society.


Didyasarin International Preparatory School, Bangkok is where to lay a solid foundation for your child/ward. In this school, your child gets the rare privilege of being tutored by wonderful scholars.

Some of the reasons to choose Didyasarin International Preparatory School include:

  • The school lays strong emphasis on Asian languages and culture
  • The school adopts an American-Canadian teaching curriculum
  • The school's approach to education is a combination of the best educational practices in the world.

Why choose Didyasarin International Preparatory School?

This is a nursery international school with a difference. The school has an impressive population of students. These students are drawn from various walks of life and different nationalities and they are trained on how to be useful and responsible members of the society. Also, the location of the school makes perfect sense. The school is situated in Sukhumvit, one of the most serene areas in Thailand.


In D-Prep, teachers not only impact students academically, the school authority believes strongly in morals and this is evident in the way students conduct themselves. The school teachers are highly experienced and they are constantly trained and retrained on modern teaching methods and how to use teaching aids.


Didyasarin International Preparatory School has facilities that match its standard. The classrooms are tastefully furnished to international standard. The school also has a standard swimming pool that goes to show that teaching extends beyond the classroom. There is also the dance and drama studio where students are taught the basics of art. Other sporting facilities include a standard soccer pitch and a decent basketball court. The school library is also well furnished with books about topical topics that will help the students grow academically and in morals.


How to join D-Prep Bangkok Prep School

Our school has a flexible admission system. Usually, all admissions inquiry are channeled through the school's admissions department.