Tourist Paradise Near Serviced Apartments

Bangkok is a tourists paradise where anyone and everyone can find something to do near the Lohas Residences the best serviced apartment near Bangkok’s famous Sukhumvit Rd.  


When you arrive in Bangkok there are several options on the table.  Great street food, quaint cafe’s, and exquisite dinner environments for just about any palate.  


Thong Lor has been a staple for locals and tourists alike for a few years now.  Catch dinner and some jazz at The Iron Fairies on Sukhumvit, Soi 55.  The Iron Fairies offers you an amazing decor accompanied by inventive drinks in one of the coolest joints in town, however, it’s not too popular and you can still breathe while enjoying your time there.  If you want something equally interesting with a bit of a different vibe, check out Sing Sing. Sing Sing is located on Sukhumvit Soi 45 nestled in a cove next to a relaxing wine and tapas pub.  Here you will find a sort of Theatre Bazaar, with dancers on stage in retro gear and a swinging trapeze show over the center of the floor.  You can head upstairs and order drinks inside of a wooden bird cage for an authentic earthy feel.  The music is upbeat but not too intense.  This is a good place for an after-dinner date or a night on the town with more than a few friends.


Street food is available up and down Sukhumvit Rd. however, you can find some good little places on Soi 4. just around the corner from Lohas.  Simply walk over and you’ll hit several when you turn the corner.  The choices are endless from Pad Thai to BBQ Chicken and Prawns.


Check out Chu cafe for some wonderful breakfast offerings.  This may be one of the coolest places in Bangkok for daytime eats.  Go for the Eggs Benedict or Joe Sloane’s Chorizo.  If you still have some room left in the tank get in on the signature Hot Chocolate they serve at Chu, it is otherworldly.  Keep in mind it’s not just a breakfast joint as it’s open until 9 pm every night.