Visit Sihanoukville for World Class Nightlife

Sihanoukville - the port city of Cambodia has quickly emerged as a world-class tourist resort, thanks to its world-class beaches, tropical islands, delicious seafood, upscale restaurants, trendy hotels, rich culture, friendly locals, and diverse Sihanoukville nightlife.


Thought this laid-back small city may not offer you the kind of nightlife you can enjoy at other bigger and well-developed cities of Cambodia like Phnom Penh, Battambang, Kampot, and Koh Kong, one thing backpackers from around the world as well as the locals can't deny is the presence of buoyant, gregarious nature of Sihanoukville bars and nightclubs. It won't be wrong to say that this city rarely sleeps and can offer you a full range of fun throughout the night. You will be able to find gay bars attracting like-minded gay couples and chic wine bars catering to the needs of the younger generation.


Some of these Sihanoukville bars and nightclubs have truly flourished over the years and attract locals as well as international tourists in great numbers, while other new establishments have just popped up and are trying to make their space. Whether this is your first time exploring this beautiful beach resort or you have been here more than once, you need to check the Sihanoukville nightlife landscape as clubs here are prone to open, close, or change names frequently. Although you may be able to find plenty of small bars, pubs, and restaurants serving beer, cocktails, and other forms of alcoholic beverages, accompanied with delicious seafood, live music, and a dancing floor to enjoy some good time, but if you have already spent your day on the beaches and want to dress up and enjoy a different scene, you need to head down to Sihanoukville downtown.


Most of the Sihanoukville bars and nightclubs in Downtown are tailored towards the expat community. They serve international liquor, beer, and other alcoholic beverages, and also offer international cuisines in a western themed setting. There is simply no shortage of female companionship to make your night more entertaining. Here are few of the Sihanoukville bars and nightclubs that you need to check while taking a walk in the Downtown area:


  • Fisherman's Den Sports Bar

Fisherman's Den Sports Bar is the only fully air-conditioned bar/hotel/restaurant in downtown Sihanoukville. During the hot and humid weather, this bar serves as a heaven for many international tourists who are unable to cope with such weather. You will be able to find western style breakfast, dinner, and lunch and there is a wide range of international beer served at night. It is a nice place to listen to some soothing music, play pool, darts or mingle with new friends.


  • Freedom Hotel

Freedom hotel is yet another very popular bar in the downtown area and another good place to meet and mingle with pretty girls and friendly hostesses. If you like playing pool, darts or some casino games, you can go downstairs, if you to listen to live music and make some moves on the dance floor, you can come upstairs.


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